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Couple before 10pm $45.00

Single Female before 10pm $10.00

Single Male before 10pm $55.00

Couple AFTER 10pm $65.00

Single Female AFTER 10pm $30.00

Single Male AFTER 10pm $80.00


Blackout Party

Be there when the lights go out at 930pm. Glow sticks will be handed out at the door when members arrive. Members party and dance by the light of the glow sticks.

Saturday, October 1

8:00 PM - 2:00 AM

We do currently allow all new members to register at the door. However, to make the check in process easier and quicker please fill out a new member application online by clicking on "Apply Now".  Please remember to upload a photo with your application.  A photo ID will be required at the door when checking in for the first time.

All new members must be in before 11:00pm. The window closes at midnight for everyone else. 

Club Escape is always BYOB if you drink.  We supply soft drinks and mixes.  We DO NOT sell or supply Alcohol.

Dress code is in effect. 

Escape’s Motto is Dress to Impress:

Ladies: Sexy, sensual outfits. No athletic clothing.

Men: Clean, nice dress shirt with dress pants is preferred. A jacket or sports coat is a nice touch. Jeans are allowed but must fit properly and not overly worn and torn. A shirt with a collar is preferred but a nice, fitted solid color Henley shirt is allowed.

For Men and Women:
-No athletic clothing including jerseys, hoodies, and sweatpants.
-No hats or head covering. (Religious exemptions are allowed.)
-Athletic shoes and boots are allowed if clean and nice looking.  A nice pair of dress sandals is acceptable.  No slides or foam flip flops.  Slippers or more casual comfortable shoes are allowed in the back area only while the window is open.  After the window closes, bar area is allowed also. 
-No T-shirts, sleeveless cut-off shirts, or wife-beaters. 
-No graphic designs

Proper hygiene, appropriate attire, and consideration of the rights and comfort of others must be observed at all times.  

3901 Lakeside Ave. East, Cleveland Ohio 44114


*Note* Purchases and attendance REQUIRE that you have an online membership application completed and approved in our new membership system. If you haven't already done so, please fill out a membership application online.